Zend_Db Oracle Functions/Procedures

For some reason, this was a nightmare to figure out. All I wanted to do was call an oracle function from the Zend Framework using PDO_OCI as my database adapter. After a FULL DAY of research and testing, I finally found some code that works! The Database Adapter I use a configuration file for my […]

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Is Design Dead?

This article was written by Martin Fowler as part of a keynote presentation at the XP 2000 conference. The original article can be found at the following link: Is Design Dead? I wanted to include a copy of it on this site in case the link changes or the article goes away. For me personally, […]

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AS3 ModuleLoader and ModuleManager CSS

While programming in Flex 4.5, I came across an issue that took forever to figure out. It had to do with the ModuleLoader class and the inability of it to inherit styles from the application that was loading it. According to Flex documentation, a Module that is loaded into the same application domain as it’s […]

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