Github Code Block Types

When working with code blocks, sometimes you need to know the acronym associated with a language in order to create the block. For example, when working with a Wiki in Github, a code block can be create by entering three back-ticks. Followed by the language type. A carriage return. The code itself and then another […]

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Facebook Business Page Features

Facebook Business Page I’m writing this page as a way of keeping track of what can and can’t be done on a Facebook Business page. I’ll keep it updated as I learn things so there’s a good chance this information will change over time. But, I need a single reference that I can go back […]

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Magento Developer Modes

In Magento 2.0, there’s a command line tool that allows you to switch between modes. This article details some of these modes and also explains how to do it. More information can be found on in the Magento DevDocs ( Developer Modes default According to the documentation, “Enables you to deploy the Magento application on […]

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