Welcome to the LMH Productions web site. LMH Productions is my personal business, consisting of design work and software development. Both of these have been my hobby since high school as well as my current career path.

The purpose of this site is for me to have a way of marketing some of the work I’ve done. But, I also plan to use it as my own, personal library of coding and design ideas/solutions that I’ve found over the years; which ideas and tutorials I would like to share with anyone that might run into some of the same problems I’ve faced while developing software.

Feel free to browse the site and add any feedback. As of this moment, I’ve configured the site to allow comments for registered members of the site.


Adding Custom HTML/Tab To Facebook

Adding Custom HTML/Tab To Facebook This was the best article I could find that explained, in detail, how to add tabs and custom html content to a Facebook business page: Article Content Here’s the article content as I found it on March 23rd, 2018. Facebook, because of its popularity, is now being seen by […]

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Visual Composer/WP Bakery Masonry Grid & Admin SSL

I’m running a site that uses Visual Compower/WP Bakery. On one of the pages, I installed the Post Masonry Grid to display my posts. Problem When I initially loaded the page, all I got was a blank screen. I remembered dealing with a problem like this before when running my wordpress site administration over SSL […]

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Webpack Dev Server – Watch Files

I’ve been learning Webpack and the Webpack-dev-server environment in Node. I have Webpack version 3.10.0 and Webpack-dev-server version 2.11.1. Here’s a quick example of how to get a package version using NPM: “`sh # check the version of a node package in bash, in this case, check on webpack [user]$ npm list webpack [email protected] /home/my/software/site/ […]

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