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WordPress index.php Redirects to Base Url


Recently, I was working on a website that needed to display a temporary home page, while an installation of WordPress was being worked on. The custom home page was being displayed as index.html. WordPress uses index.php, combined with mod_rewrite, to handle all requests coming into the site.

The server I was using would show index.html by default. So, if someone visited my site by typing in the primary url (e.g., they would see the index.html file by default.

My plan was to leave the index.html file in place and install WordPress on the back end. Also, I wanted to install it in the web root directory, meaning that both index.html and index.php would sit side-by-side in the same folder. This would allow me to display index.html to all visitors that would reach the site via the domain ( Then, while developing the WordPress interface, I would be able to simply type in index.php to see the home page of my WordPress installation (e.g.

I was able to setup everything like I wanted. After installing WordPress, index.html was displaying by default instead of index.php. I could get to my WordPress admin just fine and any of the pages I created. However, when attempting to access index.php, the site would automatically strip out index.php and redirect me back to the base url: By doing so, the site would only display index.html whenever I tried to access index.php.


I found that I could comment out a line in the /wp-includes/canonical.php file that resolved the issue. The line number is around 284, as seen in the following code:

//wp-includes/canonical.php (around line 284)
//trailing /index.php
//$redirect['path'] = preg_replace('|/index.php/*?$|', '/', $redirect['path']);

I don’t believe that doing this has any other side effects other than allowing index.php to display in the URL. If I find there are problems caused by it, I’ll update this post at some later date.

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